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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Serving the South Side and South Suburbs of Chicago

Buying or selling a home or commercial property is an important financial decision that often involves the exchange of hundreds of thousands of dollars and multiple steps that can be overwhelming for first-time and experienced buyers and sellers alike. Without a solid understanding of the complexities of a real estate purchase and strong attention to detail, you run the risk of making any number of bad decisions or mistakes that could prove costly in the long run.

Fortunately, a knowledgeable real estate attorney can help you avoid these mistakes, understand your rights and responsibilities according to any signed agreements, and complete your transaction as smoothly as possible. At the Law Offices of Marques A. Eason, LLC, we have the necessary understanding of and experience with real estate law to ensure you are acting in your best interest throughout the closing process, as well as a close familiarity with the South Suburbs of Chicago to help local buyers and sellers with details specific to the area.

Real Estate Legal Services in Chicago

At The Law Offices of Marques A. Eason, LLC, we represent buyers, sellers, landlords, and condo associations in a variety of legal matters related to real estate, including:

  • Residential closings: We help home buyers and sellers with contract review and negotiation, title searches, closing document preparation, and transfer of ownership. We can also help with the loan process and home inspection process, as well as any post-closing steps.
  • Commercial closings: We also assist both buyers and sellers with the typically larger transactions and the closing process for commercial properties including multi-unit apartment buildings and other income properties.
  • Landlord evictions: We represent landlords in disputes and litigation involving the eviction of tenants who default on rent payments or breach the terms of the lease agreement.
  • Condo and HOA associations: We offer guidance to condominium and homeowner associations on the creation and review of governing documents, as well as regular operation and any legal issues. We also provide representation in litigation involving unit owners who fail to pay condo assessment fees.
  • Foreclosure defense: We represent homeowners in foreclosure cases to help them understand their rights and mount a strong legal defense against large banks and predatory lenders.
  • Short sales: We help homeowners who are struggling to make mortgage payments by guiding them through the process of a short sale so they can avoid defaulting on their loans.

Help From a Beverly Real Estate Attorney

Many buyers and sellers wonder whether a real estate attorney is necessary. While it is possible to handle the entire transaction process on your own, a lawyer gives you someone on your side from start to finish who is watching out for your personal and financial interests and preventing you from making expensive mistakes. Attorney Marques Eason will bring his 10 years of legal experience to your sale or purchase and guide you every step of the way with the goal of reaching your desired outcome.

A real estate attorney is even more important in complicated cases involving litigation, like evictions, foreclosures, and fraud or misrepresentation on the part of a seller, especially if the other party has strong legal representation of their own. Attorney Eason will stand up for you in court and make every effort to achieve a fair resolution for you.

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Whether you are dealing with a routine closing or a more complicated real estate dispute, we want to help. Contact us at 312-973-3755 to schedule a consultation. We serve clients in Cook County with a focus on the South Suburbs, including Beverly, Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn, Chicago Ridge, Blue Island, South Holland, and Calumet City.

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