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Real Estate

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Could you afford to lose your entire down payment? What would happen if you had to keep making mortgage payments on a property that ended up being worth far less than what you paid for it? While there are risks involved in any transaction, the high stakes involved in a real estate deal make it even more important to protect yourself.

Potential problems include things like finding termites a month after you move in or finding out that the seller didn’t have a clean title as they promised. Our firm helps you to do due diligence on a property to help reduce the chances of a problem going undiscovered during the inspection process. We also help you reach a contractual agreement that fairly protects both the buyer and seller based on who had more knowledge and responsibility over a potential issue.

If you do run into problems with your deal, either after closing or if one party tries to back out after a contract is signed, we stand ready to help you find a solution. This could be by negotiating a cash settlement or by asking a judge to push the sale through as agreed.

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