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Business Transactions

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In today’s business world, a handshake is no longer enough. You may need a lawyer to help you both in dealing with the other side and with any related government taxes or regulations.

A good contract is at the heart of any good business deal. Even when you think you fully agree in principle, it’s important to iron out the details. For example, two people might be using the same term but have different understandings of what it means. It’s also important to detail what happens if something goes wrong like a late payment, late performance, or unsatisfactory delivery. A clear solution in a contract can often provide an easy fix to something that might have ended up in costly litigation.

You also need to consider other effects of transactions such as business licenses, taxes, and performance across state or international lines. These are often things that business owners don’t even know to look into but could lead to unforeseen costs or legal problems. Our goal is to help make sure you’re covered in every aspect of your deal.

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