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Divorce Lawyer for Division of Assets, Child Support, and Parenting Time in the South Suburbs of Chicago

Divorce and family law issues can be stressful and emotional. Similar challenges can arise for married and unmarried couples, especially when children are involved, and navigating a highly contested or combative divorce or other family law dispute can be almost unbearable on your own.

Having an experienced family lawyer on your side at these times is almost always a good idea, considering all of the important decisions you will have to make and their impact on your life, family, and finances. At The Law Offices of Marques A. Eason, LLC, we have 10 years of legal experience, and we help couples and parents on the South Side of Chicago handle all aspects of divorce and family law through guidance, mediation, and litigation.

Chicago Divorce and Division of Property

From the time one spouse decides to file for divorce, we can help you consider your options and determine the best way to proceed to arrive at a resolution with as little stress as possible. If the decision to divorce is mutual and you and your spouse are willing to cooperate, we can facilitate mediation that allows the two of you to come to an agreement on your own terms. If the case is more complicated due to infidelity, disputes over assets, or domestic violence, or if you and your spouse are simply unable to communicate and cooperate, we can represent you in litigation to fight for the best outcome for you. In some cases, you may require our legal assistance to obtain a protective order for you and your children.

We also assist with the financial aspects of divorce, including the division of assets and debts. We can help you identify which of your assets and debts are considered marital and non-marital. Then, through mediation or litigation, we will determine an equitable distribution based on each spouse's income, assets, earning potential, age, health, and contributions to the marriage. In some cases, we can also help you argue for spousal support payments in the aftermath of the divorce.

As an experienced real estate attorney, Marques Eason brings his knowledge of residential and commercial properties and mortgages to the discussion of division of property, and can also assist with the division of non-real estate property, family businesses, savings accounts, and investments.

Parenting Time Agreements in Illinois

When a divorcing or unmarried couple has minor children, it is also important that they come to an agreement on the allocation of parenting responsibilities and parenting time, formerly known as child custody and visitation, to ensure that both parents are still invested in their children's well-being. We can help you create a parenting plan that includes a schedule of the children's time with each parent and an agreement as to each parent's decision-making authority on matters including the children's health care, education, extra-curricular activities, and religion. We also help with modifications to existing parenting plans in the event of the relocation of one of the parents.

Understanding and Enforcing Child Support in Chicago

As of 2019, Illinois child support law has changed so that each parent's financial responsibility for their children is now determined based on a share of the two parents' combined income. This means that custodial and non-custodial parents are generally both required to contribute to their children's living expenses. Whether you are going through a divorce or separation or have never been married, we can help you calculate what you will be required to pay, including in special circumstances involving the costs of childcare, health and medical care, and school and college. We can also help you establish paternity to ensure that the father contributes financially even if you have never been married, and we provide legal representation for the enforcement and modification of existing child support orders.

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For an attorney who can help you and your family throughout the difficult process of a divorce and beyond, contact us at 312-973-3755 and schedule a consultation. We serve clients throughout the South Suburbs and the South Side of Chicago, including in Beverly, Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn, Chicago Ridge, Blue Island, Flossmoor, Harvey, and the surrounding areas.

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